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Items 1 to 13 of 13 total

The kids clothing is a nice mirror of the adults clothing. There is nothing cuter than very well chosen clothes, which go well with the sweet childish face. Some parents think in the wrong way that the kids’ clothes aren’t so important, that the kid doesn’t understand and doesn’t have a taste. They think that the active way of living and the motions will ruin the nice clothes. This is not the right way of thinking – try to inspire a taste for the beautiful and stylish from an early age. Forget about the cliché for the comfortable for running and plays clothes, which save you the nerves, but look more like sport sets. For the small gentleman to feel comfortable – choose jeans of soft reps fabric and add a T-Shirt with a cheerful stamp. For the small ladies pick up shorts and combine them with leggings underneath or tights and again – a cotton top. Don’t get too piled and overwrought clothes and don’t choose these, which look one-o-one like an adult outfit.

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