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What to choose for the little boy, who is always on the move, constantly finds new things and is always looking for adventures? It is clear that the clothing should be practical and doesn’t get on the way of the plays. The trousers, made of reps velvet or suede are the perfect choice – the fabrics are soft, nice to wear and endurable. The colors are usually darker, which is another good thing for the mom. Our honest advice is to put away the black and gray bottoms, made of polar and thick jersey fabrics only for sports. Above put on a shirt with small collar, a T-Shirt or a sweater. Most of the boys like the blouses in green, vine red or dark blue. For the smaller kids are the T-Shirts with superheroes, for the older choose something more clear and classical. Here it is good to put away the stereotype with the blue color and the neutral shades. For the kids the best are the bright vivid colors.

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