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Items 1 to 4 of 4 total

When choosing clothing for the little lady, get rid of the understanding, that the colors are only red and pink. Also take away the yellow color, which is known as very popular and neutral. Forget about the dresses with too much frills and laces and the princess type of clothing – they look funny and inappropriate. With the clothing for girls the variety is very important – it refers to the colors, cuts, lengths. The kids should feel comfortable, but look as stylish, as their moms. The little ladies like the most the jeans in baby blue, the T-Shirts with prints and the jersey tops with hoods. They adore the leggings, which could be seen under the shorts or the skirt. The more colorful – the better, even with figures, checkers or stripes. Allow the girl to add some accessories to her outfit – a ring with beads, a necklace or a thin bracelet.

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