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Trousers and Leggings for girls

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There is no more comfortable clothing for kids like the practical trousers for girls and the leggings. The small ladies prefer the comfort and the freedom to move, but they also want to be stylish like their moms. For this reason the trousers in bright colors like pink and red are very appropriate. Most liked are the models with high waist, free legs and classical look. They could have added pockets, chains or interesting decorative joints. Very colorful are the leggings for girls – they match with everything – tunics, blouses, dresses. A favorite are the ones with printed flowers or funny faces. Here comes the rule that also applies for the grown-ups – if the bottom part of the outfit is colorful, the top should be in one color, not more. Choose attractive leggings with stamps and combine them with a blouse in black or white – stylish and comfortable and your kid will feel wonderful, no matter where you are.

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