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There is a trend in our fast going everyday life – the gentlemen become more and more vain. The pay a lot of attention to the clothing and accessories and combining them together. Men consider very carefully their purchases and which is modern, which is outdated. With the new century fainted the clichés for what is allowable in the men wardrobe. It isn’t unusual to see men with a blouse or shirt in sweet colors like hot pink, light baby blue or pale green. The combination between colors and materials becomes well considered and the baggy trousers and tank-tops, taken out of a rap video, are left behind. The accessories aren’t only the watch on the wrist or the wedding ring. The shoes, even the sneakers, are chosen wisely and with attention. The bag and the belts must be classical, made of high quality leather. You can also experiment with different scarfs, most famous are the ones with oriental motives.

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