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The perception that the men accessories are not so important is wrong and don’t deserve the attention as their women equivalents. The right combination of men hat, scarf and gloves brings style and elegance in the outfit. Most of the gentlemen prefer the knitted fabrics. The knitting is warm and in the same time comfortable and cozy – a must for every man. The colors, of course, are darker, but it is better to avoid the entirely black pieces. Perfect for the case are green, petrol and the shades of gray – dark, bright, hard coal. Very nice is the combination of leather gloves with a textile hat and scarf. The leather has proven its enduring and reliability, plus they have a lot of retro charm. Like the clothes the sets of gloves and the hat must match perfectly. They shouldn’t be too loosen, too tight or the scarf to be too long. The scarf must be comfortable to wear under a jacket or a coat.

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