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Men Blouses

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The blouses are the preferred piece of clothing in the everyday wear. They are an ideal addition to the favorite jeans or trousers, comfortable for work or for the weekends. Most liked are the blouses, made of cotton and cotton jersey fabric, plus they allow huge variety in the colors and patterns. Generally the gentlemen continue to like better the dark colors, the black remains the most classical choice. Other options are the brown, gray and beige and the blue in all kinds of shades. Of course, many men dare to throw out the clichés and get colorful and bright blouses. In is an often view and isn’t unusual to see people in pink, red and magenta. A nice difference is the blouses with writings on the front in fonts. For the winter are appropriate the blouses with long sleeves with polo collar or with ties on the neckline. They are made of knitted fabrics and could be in one color or in mélange patterns.

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