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As the gentlemen pay more and more attention to fashion, comes the question what and how wear these of them who have worries about their body. Every vain man wants to look elegant in his everyday life, to feel comfortable, but stylish no matter the body structure. A nice solution to the dilemma is the clothes with classical cuts and all-time favorites. The too tight cuts are not trendy, the too baggy ones look ridiculous even worn by teenagers. Cling to the blouses, shirts and T-Shirts with classical look and to the straight trousers. Another rule is to avoid the clothes with too many additional details – zips, pockets, buckles. As for the colors – you don’t have to worry or to limit yourself. The tendency for the men clothing, no matter the size, is to get more and more colorful. For special occasions the dark colors are the best choice, but for every day the multi-colored varieties are great. Have in mind not to step out of the office dress code, if you have any.

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