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Returns and Exchange

How to exchange or return an item?

  • Inform us, using one of the shown in “Contacts” ways.
  • After you receive the confirmation that you can exchange the item, send it on the following address: Bulgaria, Sofia, Iliansko Shose str. no. 1, fl. 2, office 212.
  • Add the Reclamation form, in which you describe the replacement or return you want.
  • If the exchange is for a cheaper model, the difference between the prices will be refunded via PayPal in 14 calendar days, counting from the day of sending the item for exchange.
  • If the exchange isn’t because of a defect or inaccuracy in completing the order, you pay the delivery price.
  • The exchange or refunding can be made in the term of 14 (fourteen) days, counting from the day of receiving the package.
  • You can exchange or return items, which are not worn, washed and are without damages from the customer. Received for exchange washed or damaged items will be returned to the customer on his expenses.

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