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Items 1 to 8 of 8 total

The days are warm enough, but the evenings are chilly and you need outwear – not too thick, light enough to carry around. If you have a comfortable bolero on hand – you have the perfect solution. Short sleeves and cute tassels on it make it a cool wrap. Another variant is the buttoning with a couple of big wooden buttons. There are boleros entirely without sleeves. The knitted fabrics, more closed neckline and long sleeves make it a useful top in the cold days. After a long winter day to put on a cozy bolero is a unique feeling. The bolero matches also with dresses, tunics and blouses, practically with everything. It should be an accent in the entire outfit or a discreet addition to it. For the outfits in dark colors it is good for the bolero to be in bright and vivid color. On the contrary – if the clothes underneath are multicolored, the bolero should be in pastel shades. A thought for the ladies that prefer more loosen clothes – bolero with bat-type freely falling sleeves.

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