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For the bracelets, as for every piece of accessories, the trends change with very high speed. One season are modern the big massive bracelets, another – the thin, barely there models. The big bracelets are appropriate for the summer in order to stand out on the skin. Add a couple of wooden bracelets to your white tank-top, it is not required them to be identical. Some of us like them polished, but the natural roughness of the material is also cool. The models with painted different patterns and motives in black and gray are very popular because they look really exotic. The T-shirts in white complete with accessories in electric colors. If the top is colorful, choose accessories in black or white. For the fans of the fine jewelry are the threads of metal and leather. The charm bracelets are getting very popular – thin main part with hanging figures like hearts, stars and others. There is a belief that the ringing of those bracelets chase away the evil and is like a talisman. The bracelets made of suede and velvet is a trade mark of the eco fans.

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