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Many girls are worried to add the brooches to their accessories. Some of them find the brooches appropriate only for the staid ladies, other are wondering how to wear them. The brooches look beautiful if they are combined well without looking piled. It is known and an absolute rule that the colorful jewelries match to monotonous clothing and vice versa. It might seem weird, but a black outfit goes well with pink, baby blue and lemon yellow brooch. The bigger – the better, preferably shaped like a flower. The light clothes combine with dark brooch – black metal material or dark textile in brown, gray or purple. The brooches, made of ores are universal – silver or golden without being too shiny. The brooches, inlaid with gems, are also a huge hit, which looks cool no matter the clothing underneath it. It is great that every year there are new trends with animal prints, usually with some kind of animals – cats, zebras, birds.

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