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The favorite necklace or collier is a bit like the favorite perfume – without it we feel that the outfit is good, but not completed. The necklaces are great – they fall freely and look mellow on the neck. One of the main varieties is a long lace with a figure in its end – a shape, a letter, a combination of numbers. Few things are more seductive like a big cleavage and a long necklace on it. You don’t overdo with the accessories, but you easily catch the attention. The brave ladies need the bravest accessories. The necklaces, made of knitted threads, match well on bare shoulders, with polo shirts and with shirts with high collars. Same is the situation with the models, made of beads – they go well on everything you can think of. The colliers, on the other hand, look different but also stylish. As opposite to the necklaces, the colliers are tight around the neck. One of the first associations for the collier is a black satin ribbon with a single gem on it. If you are afraid that this is too much, choose a collier of textile or another fabric to look softer.

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