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Items 1 to 10 of 10 total

The nice, high quality and sophisticated coat is a must have in the women wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be with a tag of some famous designer, but it should give you an elegant and finished look of the silhouette. For the fans of the traditional look every year are new arrivals and new suggestions with double-breasted buttons like a greatcoat. The buttons might be big to catch the attention, for example a white coat with black buttons or a dark colors with metal elements above them. If you search for something extravagant the coats with fur are great for you. It can be only around the buttoning or the hood might be made of it. If you want to highlight the waist – the model you have picked up might be with a wide belt and big nuts for it. The huge buckle is optional. In the last few years the cuts haven’t been changed much, but the variety in the colors is very rich. The one-colored dark coats step back to ones in vine color, white, yellow, orange and different checkers.

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