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Items 1 to 22 of 22 total

Items 1 to 22 of 22 total

Jacket with jeans, skirt, trousers, shorts plus thick tights – so many combinations only with one piece of clothing. The leather jacket, inspired by the rockers and decorated with numerous caps, zips and metal is always trendy. The coated waterproof jackets are with us all the time in the winter. The jackets are one of these universal clothes, matching with everything – the favorite jeans, this skirt and those shorts, with sneakers or with high heels. If you want to wear it really often – don’t choose a very short model. They are not very practical and are harder to match. The best is to buy a jacket to under the hip. Skip the jackets, stuffed with too much fluff – they make the body looks bigger and clumsy. If you are hundred percent sure that you want a leather jacket – when taking it it’s better to be a tad tighter, after a couple of days it will loose and match like a glove. The textile jackets look in their best if they are very tight around the silhouette.

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