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Промоция на дрехи

Промоция на дрехи


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The cuts of the ponchos could be changed dramatically. One year the ponchos with triangle cut are super trendy, another one – the square look is modish. The knitted poncho is the most famous. In one moment they are an interesting addition to the outfit, in the other – they are a reliable outwear. Other irreplaceable elements are the embroideries or tassels in the ends. One of the new things is the ends of the model to be wrapped one over another. There are ponchos, which imitate big scarfs – very tight around the shoulders and the upper part of the arms. You want something different than knitted fabrics? No problem – you can buy a poncho, made of textile, jersey fabric, even lace. The decision whether it will be with polo or with arrow collar is yours. It could be with long sleeves or with bat-type shape. The poncho with asymmetrical cut looks off-beat and provocative, but it is very stylish.