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Промоция на дрехи


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In the women vests there are a few all-time favorites and trends. The designers on the other hand don’t seize to try new fabrics and lengths. The vest easily becomes a part of an elegant suit with black skinny trousers or a pencil skirt. It looks perfect above a white shirt or blouse. If you wear it above your favorite jeans, you step out of the office dress-code and look casual, you try, but not too hard. The biggest hit is one-line buttoning, plus it is more comfortable. Let the vest be with shiny buttons to bring sparkle in your clothes. If you have to consider some norms of the way you dress, pick up a vest, made of denim or textile. The embroideries and brocade are optional. The denim vest could have additions like patches or worn off places. We simply adore the vests with small belt on the back and buckle on it, which makes the waist look smaller. There is no other piece of clothing, which makes you look a perfect professional and a cool rebel in the same time.