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The ring is the finishing touch to your outfit, the point finale to the whole combination. Pick up the appropriate piece of jewelry, considering the other parts of the ensemble. When combining bigger accessories the ring shouldn’t step back to them. In the other case it will step away and waste. If the earrings, the necklace and the bracelet are big, the ring should match them by size. It is good the materials also to be identical or the same in order to look harmonic. The metal accessories would go well with a few classical hoops. For a couple of seasons are very trendy to put a ring with different size and width on each and every finger, even on the thumb. The inlaid rings are also an all-time favorite. One variety is them to have added a few gems, but if you want to look super luxury and shiny – the gems could be on the entire cant. For the younger girls and the fans of the bohemian style are the rings with glued to them flowers, made of textile fabrics.

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