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It is a curious fact that the diadems come from the traditions of the rich French families. Shining in the hairs of the young ladies, they were a symbol of wellness and social status. To be honest – if we had to choose only between diadems, made of precious metals and gems – we would get bored very soon. The diadem has its own place between our accessories and its fans own at least a couple of varieties. Very trendy are the ones, made of textile and wide enough to be comfortable. In the different trends we can also see different colors and varieties. For the girls with bright hair purple, light blue and green are great. The brunette hair looks shiny with diadem in vine color, vivid red and turquoise. The diadems in Scottish checkers are universal. The ones with a coquette bow tie on one side give you a more innocent a la Lolita look. In case you worry that you will look too childish, you can replace the ribbon with another shape – flower, fruits and other.

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