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Промоция на дрехи

Long Trousers

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The long trousers are two main types – everyday, soft and nice and on the other hand are the official, strictly looking. In the search of the ideal long trousers you have to be sure that you will be together for a very long time. Take a look which cuts match the best to your figure. For the more curved the best are the Charleston trousers – they hide a lot of the minuses and make the legs look longer. There is a comeback of another retro trend – the trousers with very high waist, even to under the bust. Usually they are with buttoning on the front, but the line of metal caps on one side looks very interesting. You can also add to your wardrobe velvet or reps trouser, or ones with worn-off effect of denim. They remind us of the 90-ties and the teenage clothing back then. If you have to wear elegant trousers, the choice is dramatically smaller. Stick to the classical colors – petrol, dark blue, black and gray. Don’t experiment with the cut – straight and classical or very slightly flared are the only options.